At Optimum Training our aim is to provide and encourage a holistic approach to health and fitness.

We believe one size does not fit all and work closely with our clients to make sustainable changes to improve their long term health and vitality.

The saying goes:
We don’t know what we have until it’s gone.

Truth is, we know what we have, we just never think we’d lose it…

…until we do.

Good health is one of the most important things in life and therefore looking after yourself is crucial.

We know from personal experience how ill health can impact someone’s life which is why a holistic approach to health and fitness is at the heart of what we do.

Of course, our clients come to us with specific goals in mind. These can range from:

  • increasing general fitness
  • injury rehabilitation
  • losing weight
  • increasing muscle mass
  • increasing stamina
  • strength and conditioning training
  • etc.

Whatever the goals, we believe that the only way to achieve them efficiently and safely is by committing to a totally personalised training program.

Personal Training

We believe in a holistic approach to fitness and we tailor our individual programs to achieve your goals and improve your overall biomechanics. This will improve your overall health and help prevent injuries and future health issues.

Golf Conditioning

Golfers notoriously suffer from back and hip problems. The rotation required to perform the golf swing is unnatural and puts strain on your body. With the proper training we can not only correct issues, we also believe we can help you improve your game.

Gym Consultation

Optimum Training offers a consulting service for anyone who is considering setting up a gym, whether they are a club, a business or even residential. Not only can we create the perfect gym to suit any requirement, we can also create a business case for your project. If required, we can manage a gym for you.

We enjoy working with people from all walks of life.

Our clients range from elite sportspeople looking to improve performance, people aiming to become more functionally fit to those looking to lose weight and overcome related health issues.

Our aspiration is to have all our clients moving optimally and pain free. All of our programs are individually tailored because every client is different.

One size fits all training programs do not deliver the same results and in some cases are completely inappropriate and counterproductive, potentially even dangerous.

Where appropriate, we can even refer our clients to other health care professionals within our network, to further improve results.

1) All of our clients go through a comprehensive assessment to gauge the correct starting point of their journey.

2) We create a program that addresses any imbalances in your body and gets you achieving your goals.

3) Your progress is monitored regularly to ensure we are on track.

4) Because our bodies adapt very quickly to routine, programs are adjusted continuously to ensure optimal results.

Optimum Training is based at Langley Park Golf Club Beckenham BR3 6SZ

The training facility opened early 2019 and offers its members a high standard of equipment and opportunities for progression regardless of their ability.

We are open to members and personal training clients.

Optimum Gym 1
Optimum Gym 2
Optimum Gym 3

The physical aspect of golf is clearly underestimated.

A properly executed golf swing requires incredible control and strength. Professional golfers have recognised this and their physical preparation is a massive part of their training.

Most of us who play golf for pleasure greatly neglect physical preparation. That’s why so many golfers are suffering from injuries and even when injury free, their golf performance is held back.

Improved core strength and mobility alone would increase speed and control of rotation giving you more accuracy and distance on the golf course. But above all our aim is to get your body moving the way it is designed to and get you enjoy the game pain-free for years to come.

Louis Blattler


Louis decided to pursue a career in health and fitness after his mum was diagnosed with a rare illness preventing her from pursuing her love of exercise, so he became determined to understand the condition better. Louis trained in 2011 at Lilleshall National Sports Centre as EiF Master Trainer. He never stopped studying and gained countless certifications: Certified in Clinical Exercise and Referral, Weight Management, Corrective Exercise, Strength and Conditioning, MMA Fitness and Kettlebell training to name just a few. After studying nutrition for 3 years, Louis has continually been putting his knowledge into practice with his clients as a full time personal trainer since 2011. He is working with people young and old with varied abilities and ambitions. Louis’s ambition has not changed, since he started and he still thrives seeing his clients achieve more than they thought possible, making them not only feel better but healthier too.

Peter Kilford


After leaving college, Peter spent the majority of his working career in financial markets until a short period of ill health led him to reassess both his life and his health priorities. A qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer Peter then studied at The CHEK Institute where he has become a Qualified CHEK Practitioner. CHEK Practitioners are a rare breed of practitioners that are specialised in corrective exercise and high-performance kinesiology, developed by Paul Chek. They are trained in assessment techniques and individualised application of exercise and exercise programs. Peter works with people of varying ages and abilities addressing amongst other things weight loss, muscle gain, functional fitness and sports performance. Peter is also a CHEK Golf Performance Specialist. He enjoys working with both professional and amateur golfers creating functional and personalised conditioning programs.

“Louis has been training me now for more than 8 years. I hated going to the gym, but with Louis no session is like an other. And that is quite an achievement considering the length of time is training me. I don’t know how he does it, but somehow he gets me to push myself to the limit in every session. I feel so much better after every session.”
DW Hayes

“As a pro golfer one would assume I know all there is to know about the golf swing. I discovered that although I know how to swing a club in perfect action, I knew little about what the body goes through with every swing. Pete has not only increased my core strength significantly, My swing is now more consistent and I increased my distance. I feel good about my golf and might even consider going back on the tour again.”

“I have trained with various personal trainers, some reportedly among the best in London. Optimum’s philosophy and approach is more comprehensive than any experience I had. Their approach is thorough and their sessions are always varied and fun. What stands out for me is the effort both Pete and Louis put into preparing each session. All the personal trainers I worked with go through the motions, where at Optimum they really care about what they do. During every session they are constantly observing and adjusting my technique to not only ensure I am not injuring myself, but to correct bad posture from sitting behind a desk for too many hours a day. Louis has noticed that I am putting more weight through the right side of my body which causes muscular strain and he recons, along with some alignment issue in my pelvis, is the cause for my occasional lower back problems. They build corrective exercises into my programs without me even noticing. The main thing is, my back is better and I feel all round better in myself and about myself when I’m training at Optimum.”
DB West Wickham.

“Pre-season training is very important for me. Twice I trained with Louis during pre-season and each time I came back into training faster and fitter than any of my team mates. The one time I did not train with Louis I struggled for the first part of the season putting my football career in danger. It’s a lesson I learned a lot from and a mistake I am not going to repeat again.”
JR Crystal Palace.

“I contacted a number of Personal Trainers in order to set out a plan to initially lose weight for my upcoming wedding. Pete stood out from the crowd as he understood my personal requirements and limitations to what I would be able to do, but more importantly made me feel comfortable and excited about the challenge ahead.

What started with an initial target for my wedding day, morphed into continuing the journey post that and to this current day. I can put this fully down to Pete, he has got me excited to train and makes things varied week by week . I genuinely look forward to the ever changing challenges he throws at me.

I have managed to lose in excess of 45 lbs in a 16 month period and now lift weights and perform training at an intensity I never thought possible. I can’t recommend Pete highly enough to anyone looking to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable manner.”


“I am a 60 year old woman living with anxiety and depression. Training with Pete for the last year has transformed my life. Apart from being challenged with a variety of work-outs we have lots of laughs. I have progressed from being unable to walk in a straight line to doing amongst other things squats, TEN full press ups and deadlifting my body weight. I previously didn’t know what a deadlift was. This to me was inconceivable.”
“My mood has greatly improved as has my health and stamina. Training with Pete is now my lifestyle choice and my continuing gift to myself as I now look forward to a healthier, fitter and calmer future.”

Thanks PK
Sally Williams

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